XTM Hearing Aids

A wide range of models for everyone


A wide range of discreet customizable models helps provide users with endless flexibility. Custom hearing aids provide a pleasant sound experience with excellent listening comfort and high amplification power.



The shape of the IF housing follows the natural auditory canal geometry and fits for nearly every ear. As discreet as custom CIC’s, but without the hassle of custom production.


The IF ITC hearing aids are ideal for first-time-users looking for a discreet solution and no trouble. Different Click Sleeves sizes make them suitable for every ear, so they can be worn comfortably and safely.



The versatile RIC is a small, inconspicuous hearing system. Various types of receivers mean that it can be used for a broad range of hearing loss.


S is the behind-the-ear hearing system for anyone who particularly values discretion.



The M behind-the-ear model features state-of-the-art design coupled with a host of options for customized hearing system fitting.


P hearing aids for moderate to severe hearing loss. Featuring a rocker switch for ease of use.


The powerful XP behind-the-ear hearing aid offers ideal support for profound hearing loss.


Smart Connect App

Turn your mobile device into a Smart Connect control center: The Smart Connect App allows you to control your Smart Connect & hearing aids and how they interact with all of your favorite audio devices. Whether it is watching TV, listening to music or talking on a Bluetooth phone – control is easy and discreet via the Smart Connect App.

Smart Remote App

Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your hearing aids! The app enhances discretion by hiding the remote control within your mobile device without the need for additional hardware. Full control of your hearing aids looks as subtle as checking for a text message.


Connexx Fit2Go

Fit2Go is a unique and innovative app that allows the hearing care professional to perform a quick and user-friendly setup and adjustment of supported A&M hearing aids with only a smart mobile device. There is no need for a laptop or PC to set up the hearing aids. This enables the hearing care professional to be truly mobile and reach the hearing impaired more easily than ever before.





Slim, elegant and simple to use.
It is the perfect accessory for tech-savvy customers. The phone calls and music can be streamed from the smartphone into the hearing instruments. The Smart Connect can also be used as a remote control to adjust the volume of your hearing aids. You can easily switch the audio source and control your hearing aids using the Smart Connect App

A small remote for discreet control of hearing aids without the need of a smartphone. It is designed to fit on key ring, allowing you to bring it everywhere in a easy and convenient way.


An easy to use Remote Control that makes controlling the features of your hearing aids fast and convenient.